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Retanning Agent Market 2023 : Retanning agents can include main tanning agents (such as chrome tanning agents, vegetable tanning agents, etc.), mainly referring to tanning materials developed for the purpose of retanning, such as acrylic resin retanning agents, amino resin retanning agents, oxazoles Alkane tanning agents, etc.


The global Retanning Agent market is projected to reach US$ million by 2028 from an estimated US$ million in 2022, at a CAGR of % during 2023 and 2028.

The retanning agent is selected according to the performance requirements of the leather. For example, shoe upper leather and garment leather can be retanned with an appropriate retanning agent to obtain the required properties, such as improving softness, increasing fullness, reducing part difference, and enhancing water resistance. , light fastness, and change the surface charge of the leather to promote uniform dyeing, etc.

Therefore, retanning enjoys the reputation of “alchemy” in leather making, which shows that retanning agents are a very important class of leather chemicals.

Top Key Players:

  • Trumpler
  • Behn Meyer Group
  • Stahl
  • Denykem
  • Montechem
  • Debağ Kimya
  • Retan
  • Kemit Chemicals
  • Quimser
  • Smit
  • Leadream
  • Wuhan Kang-De-Li Chemical Co.,Ltd

Retanning Agent Market By Applications

  • Apparel
  • Automotive Interior
  • Other

Retanning Agent Market By Types

  • Acrylic Resin Retanning Agent
  • Amino Resin Retanning Agent
  • Oxazolidine Tanning Agent

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